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Miracle Cups

The Miracle Cup does not require a sleeve, which results in the elimination of double cupping and the use of a conventional sleeve. It's insulated for hot beverages, 100% recyclable, and is FSC certified. Custom prints are available starting at 15,000 units only, as well as an optional generic design. For further information, please visit our Miracle Cups website.

Oz Volume (ml) GSM Weight Dimensions
5 118ml 190 2.97 62.2 x 61.0
8 236ml 260 7.52 80.47 x 91.0
12 354ml 260 8.45 89.53 x 99.0
16 473ml 295 12.47 89.53 x 133.5
20 591ml 295 13.92 89.5 x 150.0
Illustrated various styles of Miracle Cups Illustrated various sizes of Miracle Cups Photograph samples of Miracle Cups

Lids & Sleeves

Oz Diameter (mm) Colors Case Pack
8 80ml Black or White 1000 / Case
10 - 24 90ml Black or White 1000 / Case
Fitting Miracle Cups and coffee cup plastic lids

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